What’s In My Bag: College Edition.

I’ve been back to school, two weeks ago (why I was absent) and I want to share here something of my college routine, therefore, I decided to show what I carry in my bag to school. These are the things I take with me every day and sometimes, I also take my laptop and lunch.

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How To Stay Organized.

Being organized is one way to manage your life. I know it gets messy sometimes and you just want to do whatever suits your mood, but even that should be organized.

Now, when I say organized I don’t only mean being neat and tidy, because I often leave things behind me quite unordered, but that doesn’t make me unorganized person. For me, organizing is keeping oneself on track, in general.

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5 TV Series with GirlBoss Characters.

One thing about me is that I’m obsessed with anything that it GirlBoss themed. So as you may know; a girlboss is “someone who’s in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants, because she works for it,” according to Sophia Amoruso.

Today, I picked 5 of my favorite TV series that I think they have some girlboss characters who can inspire and motivate every girl out there.

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3 Steps to Planning your Week

If you checked my yearly planner, you would know that I like to divide my whole year into weeks instead of months. I personally, grew strong on the habit of planning my week, and it is now something I do naturally. So i hope my steps will help you in planning your week.

I actually plan my week in just 3 simple steps using only my to-do list.

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My Almost Yearly Planner.

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I’m a person who likes to have things planned and a bit obsessed with organizing, but I always failed at keeping a yearly/monthly planner. I start by forgetting all about it and then, I get bored with the whole planner thing. Until recently, I discovered some cool printable planning pages on Pinterest and what I loved most were from The Happiness Planner.

So I was inspired to design my own planner which fits perfectly with me and my activities and you may notice that it’s a weekly and daily planner, because I like to divide my year into weeks instead of months.

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5 Steps to Shop Smartly.

We all have in our wardrobes that outfit which we bought a long time ago and never wore, or that outfit which we never had the courage to go out in, or worse, having a full wardrobe but with nothing nice to wear! (same problem everyday)

Shopping depends on each person; there are people who like to shop by seasons, others shop for special occasions, and there are those who shop whenever they feel like it. But the important thing is to know how to shop, so we won’t have to face those haunted outfits in our closets or feel the need to shop every week.

Here, I have 5 steps to take when you decide to do some shopping:

  1. Buy what you need, not everything you see.

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